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the missing link to your business strategy

Uncover your expertise and watch your business grow!

The reason your income fluctuates and you sign clients sporadically is because...

You haven’t uncovered your expertise.

You can be doing all of the things in your business – posting on social media consistently, building all of the offers, connecting and selling to anyone who will listen. 

But until you uncover your expertise, your wins will be sporadic, your income will fluctuate and you’ll be working harder, not smarter. 

When I entered the business coaching world I was already a 6-figure earner. The law firm I started when my son was 18 months old, the one that gave me the freedom and flexibility that my 9-5 couldn’t, the law firm that made it possible for my husband to quit his job and join me in practice…


I applied the very same strategies that I used to grow my law firm to growing my coaching business. 

While I was signing clients, nothing about my business was steady. 

Until I unlocked the missing link – my expertise! 

That’s when I started having $10K, $12K, and even $20k months!


You haven't uncovered your expertise if...

When you know what you are an expert at, you OWN your expertise and build a business that is rooted in that expertise!

That’s why I can't wait to welcome you in to
Path to Expertise!

If you're ready to sign more clients & make more money,

you're in the right place.

I started working with Yesenia at the beginning of 2021. I was coming off a dismal holiday season, followed by an entire month of no sales. Yesenia helped me clarify my messaging, refocus my work and goals and taught me how to make genuine offers that my customers couldn’t refuse. Not only was my first full month working with Yesenia my highest grossing month ever, sales in Q1 of 2021 almost exceeded sales for all of 2020. In 2021, I quadrupled 2020 sales. I now have the tools to efficiently run and grow my business without the hustle. I have the freedom to work flexible hours and still be present with my family.
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I decided to join the first round of Mama’s Next Move in September 2021, and while I was nervous to do so (this was my first time working with a business coach), I am SO happy I did! The progress I made working with Yesenia while learning alongside the other ladies in the group has been phenomenal for my business.
Podcast Manager

When you uncover your expertise...


to this:

Confused and deflated, constantly conducting market research and asking your audience to help you figure out what it is they want you to create.

Becoming the expert who knows what’s best  for her clients and creates offers rooted in expertise and backed by confidence!


Unsure about whether or not you actually have what it takes to get your ideal client the results she’s looking to achieve. 

Having a framework that works in guiding your ideal client to their results and guides you on how to convey the value of your offer so you can sell with confidence!

Always feeling stuck at square one, never following though and making offers, and forever working with clients for free so you can “learn more.” 

A business that is making an impact and an income! A business that has momentum and is moving forward towards your big goals!


It's time to LAUNCH your next BIG offer!

I created Path to Expertise for you!

Uncover your expertise so that you can show up and sell with confidence and ease.

So, what is Path to Expertise anyways?

Path to Expertise is a 30-day group intensive where I will show you how to uncover your expertise so you can show up and sign your next client without having to conduct market research first!

What does it mean to uncover your expertise? It means figuring out the “thing” that sets you apart and allows you to stand out as an expert in your industry. 

You’ll know what it is you bring to the table, how you do what you do differently than others, and why people want to work with YOU!

During our 30 days together, you will uncover your expertise, be on your way to becoming a sought-after expert in your industry, and sell with confidence and ease.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here's how the program breaks down...

step ONE

Know who you're speaking to

This isn’t your average “ideal client avatar” exercise. We aren’t going to list out their favorite place to shop, who they follow on social media or what their favorite type of music is. We’ll dig deep and uncover what you really need to know about them.

Once you do this work, you’ll:

step TWO

Figure out your Niche

Has niching down scared you in the past? That’s because the way most people teach niching down, it does in fact box you in and leave you feeling like you can’t talk about the things that matter to you. The way I teach niching down will expand your topics of conversation and have you committing to a transformation that you can guide your clients to. 

Once you do this work, you’ll:

step THREE

Develop your Framework

It’s important that you know how you do what you do. Not having an understanding of how you do what you do is oftentimes what leads to market research to begin with! As the expert, your audience is turning to you to tell them what they have to do to get the results they desire. So let’s make sure you have an answer for them!

Once you do this work, you’ll:

This is the work you can’t afford to skip. 

This is the work that takes the place of the market research you’ve been told is necessary. 

This is the work that will make a difference and make you money! 

I've built this program
to make sure you reach the finish line...


Weekly group coaching calls will give you the opportunity to get coached on what's holding you back so you can move forward. First we'll address the mindset shifts that are needed before you can implement the strategy that will produce the results.


I have in-depth trainings planned for the group that will dive into each of the 3 steps above! These trainings will help you draw out your expertise, show up with the confidence you need to talk with your ideal client, and close more sales!


It takes a village to raise children, it takes an even bigger village to build a business while raising children. Community is an important part of your success and the Path to Expertise Community is just what you need to feel encouraged, inspired, and most importantly, seen.


It's important to me that you not only learn the strategy, but that you implement it in your own business. That's the only way you will get the amazing results I know you are capable of. I will post worksheets that will encourage this implementation and help you apply the lessons to your unique situation.

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Have we met?

I'm Yesenia

Wife. Homeschooling Mama to 3 beautiful boys. Entrepreneur. Business Mentor for Mamas in business.

My entrepreneurial journey began 7 years ago after I had my first son. Let’s just say a 10-week maternity leave didn’t cut it for me and I was inspired to start my own business so I could plan my work around my children instead of having to plan my children around my work. 

I started my own law firm from my home office with my 18-month right on the other side of the wall hanging out with his babysitter. I replaced my income that first year in business working a fraction of the hours and then grew to six figures. Two years after opening, my husband was able to quit the law firm he worked for and join me in practice. 

But now I’m here for YOU, the mama in business who is ready to call in her ideal clients, stand out from others in her industry, close more sales and make more impact and, of course, more money! 

Every single one of us is different and brings something unique to our individual industries. The problem is that we haven’t taken the time to figure out what that something is. This is what I want to help you figure out during our time working together. You don’t figure this out by conducting more market research, you figure it out by uncovering your expertise! Let’s get to work!


Who is Path to Expertise for?

Path to Expertise is literally your next move! If you are a service based mama in business who can relate to the above, this group program was created for you! 

I can't wait to welcome you into Path to Expertise!

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

There will be one 60 min. coaching call each week for you to attend live. All calls will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience if you are unable to attend them live. In addition to the calls, there will be three trainings for you to watch on your own time. You’ll also want to take some time each week to implement what you learn. How much time you decide to work on your business is entirely up to you.

You’re wondering if 1:1 coaching may be a better fit. I get it because I once had that thought too. Here’s what I want you to know: the framework I am teaching in this group program is the same I teach to all of my 1:1 clients. It works! And it’s definitely going to get you the results you are looking for. Plus, enrollment is capped at 10 Mamas – just enough to build community, support and accountability but not too many where you’ll get lost in the mix. 

There is no curriculum. I will provide worksheets but the worksheets are for your benefit only and do not need to be submitted. That being said, I am always available to give you feedback on any work that you do decide to post.

Nope! This group is for all service based businesses – coaches, virtual assistants, online business managers, consultants, podcast managers, etc. To be honest, a product based business would absolutely benefit from this program as well – that’s because I believe that every product based business has a service based component to it – but we will be talking about clients versus customers and using service based “lingo.” 

Enroll in Path to Expertise today!

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